towards a discog logo…↓

Join me as I search for a logo, starting with VERY rough stick-figure images.


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Q: What in tarnation is dissident cog.?

A: Well, I’m a dissident cog:
Look up at the pyramid of cogs – we’re like a bunch of hamsters, running in our wheels to power a vast, impersonal machine.  Not all of the hamsters are happy with this arrangement.

A: This blog is home for my dissident cognition.

Also, recognize that “cog” words are pretty cool: incognito, cogitate, cogent, cogito ergo sum.

A: This blog contains my thoughts on a wide range of topics and issues that are actually deeply connected.  To help focus this, I’ll be looking through the lens of a project I am working on: Build-Your-Own-3DPrinter.

A: Apparently I am now doing some kind of genre-mashing, alt-history, thing with narrative and remixed images.  Stay tuned for more of Plague Dr. Schrödinger and his Transcredible Cat from Outer SPAAAAAACE!