On naming

The build-your-own-3dprinter project team has named itself Makers United.  I had a quick go at a logo, starting with the Manchester United logo, then dropping in a Raider-Maker from an earlier image and the OSSW and OSHW logos.

We started with the descriptive name, Build-Your-Own-Printer, which was quickly acronymized to BYOP.  We soon learned that “BYOP” gave either the wrong impression (“bring your own beer”: “BYOB”  ::  “bring your own …pendulum?” : “BYOP”) or none at all.  So then we started going with Build-Your-Own-3DPrinter, annoyingly long as that is.

Meanwhile, one of the project members set up a subreddit for us to use as a project communication hub.  He named it MakersUnited.

Some other names that were suggested:

  • The Quarry (collective, cooperative, etc.) (In 1833, Colgate students built, by hand, their stone dormitory from a quarry on campus grounds)
  • fabri’Gate (Colgate has taken to using ‘Gate quite a bit)
  • Builders, Makers, and Shapers

By vote, Makers United won.

If/when we host a 3D printathon, perhaps we will call it fabri’Gate.


Build-Your-Own-3DPrinter Project

A long description of the Build-Your-Own-3DPrinter Project, the philosophy underpinning it, project goals, and purpose.

Using Open Source principles in a Flat Organization to empower individuals, improve education, and accelerate the diffusion of innovation.
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or, Why bother with a flat organization?

The university I attend, like many others, has experienced a wave of social activism over the past two years.  After our school’s first demonstration, a sit-in protest back in September of 2014, I wrote and delivered a short critique highlighting something that I found very disturbing:
Openness and transparency were the goals of a campaign that was planned in secret, behind closed doors.

Inclusivity and tolerance were sought by demanding video surveillance (the better to police speech) and
mandated cultural indoctrination for staff, faculty, and students.

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