Additional musings on organizational hypocrisy


On the unraveling of means and ends…
Part II of the coherent series

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Plague Dr. Schrödinger

The steampunky allegory of Plague Dr. Schödinger’s fantas-magoria.

In which we learn about quantum decoherence, as illustrated by the immortal story of Plague Doctor Schrödinger.

Plague doctor Erwin Schrödinger was on track to become a great physicist early in the Twentieth Century.  He might have gone on to become known as one of the fathers of quantum mechanics.

Everything changed with the arrival of that DARN CAT!

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or, Why bother with a flat organization?

The university I attend, like many others, has experienced a wave of social activism over the past two years.  After our school’s first demonstration, a sit-in protest back in September of 2014, I wrote and delivered a short critique highlighting something that I found very disturbing:
Openness and transparency were the goals of a campaign that was planned in secret, behind closed doors.

Inclusivity and tolerance were sought by demanding video surveillance (the better to police speech) and
mandated cultural indoctrination for staff, faculty, and students.

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Q: What in tarnation is dissident cog.?

A: Well, I’m a dissident cog:
Look up at the pyramid of cogs – we’re like a bunch of hamsters, running in our wheels to power a vast, impersonal machine.  Not all of the hamsters are happy with this arrangement.

A: This blog is home for my dissident cognition.

Also, recognize that “cog” words are pretty cool: incognito, cogitate, cogent, cogito ergo sum.

A: This blog contains my thoughts on a wide range of topics and issues that are actually deeply connected.  To help focus this, I’ll be looking through the lens of a project I am working on: Build-Your-Own-3DPrinter.

A: Apparently I am now doing some kind of genre-mashing, alt-history, thing with narrative and remixed images.  Stay tuned for more of Plague Dr. Schrödinger and his Transcredible Cat from Outer SPAAAAAACE!