On naming

The build-your-own-3dprinter project team has named itself Makers United.  I had a quick go at a logo, starting with the Manchester United logo, then dropping in a Raider-Maker from an earlier image and the OSSW and OSHW logos.

We started with the descriptive name, Build-Your-Own-Printer, which was quickly acronymized to BYOP.  We soon learned that “BYOP” gave either the wrong impression (“bring your own beer”: “BYOB”  ::  “bring your own …pendulum?” : “BYOP”) or none at all.  So then we started going with Build-Your-Own-3DPrinter, annoyingly long as that is.

Meanwhile, one of the project members set up a subreddit for us to use as a project communication hub.  He named it MakersUnited.

Some other names that were suggested:

  • The Quarry (collective, cooperative, etc.) (In 1833, Colgate students built, by hand, their stone dormitory from a quarry on campus grounds)
  • fabri’Gate (Colgate has taken to using ‘Gate quite a bit)
  • Builders, Makers, and Shapers

By vote, Makers United won.

If/when we host a 3D printathon, perhaps we will call it fabri’Gate.


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