towards a discog logo…↓

Join me as I search for a logo, starting with VERY rough stick-figure images.


Once I settled on the name for this blog, I began thinking up visual companions.  I was feeling inspiration from xkcd (perhaps the best thing on the internet), and decided to go with a kind of comic panel for my blog’s visual symbol/logo/header:


Unfortunately, as you might have gleaned from the picture, I have roughly zero talent for drawing.  But, through messing around, I was able to come up with a three-panel concept.

On the left, there is a pyramid of cogs, with everyone running like hamster wheels – except one.  The center panel zooms in on that one, and we see tools of democratization.  Finally, in the last panel, the pyramid has come undone, cogs scattered in a heap, with the people freed and standing in a distributed, decentralized network.

Armed with a concept, but no skill, I took to the internet.  I found a community on reddit called /r/ICanDrawThat.  The community there takes drawing requests, and realizes them!

My /r/ICanDrawThat request thread.

So far, based on my descriptions, /u/Jinh0o has made the first two panels in watercolor!

My Original Effort:full comic

/u/Jinh0o’s First Panel:

/u/Jinh0o’s Second Panel:

One other user might be making their own versions as well!  I’ll update this post as more comes in.

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