The ‘Lesser’ of Two Evils is Still Evil

Assuming an uncontested result is in by now, roughly half of the country believes that a morally, ethically, and constitutionally unfit president has been elected. Now what?

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Do Yourself a Favor on Tuesday – Don’t Vote

Let your voice be heard and vote against the system that has failed us all. This election day, let your voice be heard and make the only vote that counts – DON’T VOTE.

Illustration by Curt Merlo
Your vote doesn’t matter. My vote doesn’t matter. No single vote matters. Let that sink in. You have better odds of winning powerball than you do of having any impact on the presidential election. As the Downs paradox shows, voting simply isn’t worth our time. Continue reading “Do Yourself a Favor on Tuesday – Don’t Vote”

Hate the Game, Not the Player

If a system of death camps were set up in the United States of the sort we had seen in Nazi Germany, one would be able to find sufficient personnel for those camps in any medium-sized American town.                                                                         -Stanley Milgram

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There is No Box


“Do not try to bend the spoon.  That’s impossible.  Instead, only try to realize the truth.”

“What truth?”

“There is no spoon.”

This column is going to explore a world unhampered by the weight of organizational cruft and inertia, unconstrained by constructed categories and false dilemmas; an abundant world of empowered individuals, where new technologies are answering old questions, and everyone has a voice.  We’re going to deconstruct and demystify the forces that seek to stymie this world, from politics to cognitive biases.  Join me on this journey, as we examine decentralization and philosophical anarchism.

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On naming

The build-your-own-3dprinter project team has named itself Makers United.  I had a quick go at a logo, starting with the Manchester United logo, then dropping in a Raider-Maker from an earlier image and the OSSW and OSHW logos.

We started with the descriptive name, Build-Your-Own-Printer, which was quickly acronymized to BYOP.  We soon learned that “BYOP” gave either the wrong impression (“bring your own beer”: “BYOB”  ::  “bring your own …pendulum?” : “BYOP”) or none at all.  So then we started going with Build-Your-Own-3DPrinter, annoyingly long as that is.

Meanwhile, one of the project members set up a subreddit for us to use as a project communication hub.  He named it MakersUnited.

Some other names that were suggested:

  • The Quarry (collective, cooperative, etc.) (In 1833, Colgate students built, by hand, their stone dormitory from a quarry on campus grounds)
  • fabri’Gate (Colgate has taken to using ‘Gate quite a bit)
  • Builders, Makers, and Shapers

By vote, Makers United won.

If/when we host a 3D printathon, perhaps we will call it fabri’Gate.

Build-Your-Own-3DPrinter Project

A long description of the Build-Your-Own-3DPrinter Project, the philosophy underpinning it, project goals, and purpose.

Using Open Source principles in a Flat Organization to empower individuals, improve education, and accelerate the diffusion of innovation.
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